free free can’t get enough of these free stuff!!!!!

What is support medium? Support medium is “various other media uses to deliver marketing communications and to promote products and services.”

Last summer I went to the Minnesota State Fair and I have to say that one of my favorite things to do other than eating is walking around to gather all of the free things that the vendors have to offer. I really don’t know why I love the free stuff so much especially since I either lose half of the stuff I get or not even use it at all. Yet, I still have to grab them and just having them brings a smile to my face.

Some of the stuff that I was able to get for free from the last state fair was a reusable, blue WCCO grocery bag, a Quitplan water bottle from the heath department, a deck of cards from Running ACES, a hand sanitizer from the children’s hospital, and a towel from Xfinity.

I think that all of these products did a very good job with promoting the company that they are with because it makes you think of the company every time that you use the items. For example, every time we have friends over and we decided to play poker, they are always amazed at how long the cards from Running Aces last, which in return makes them want to go to Running Aces to play just so that they can ask for the cards.


Favorite radio commercial!!!!


The most recent commercial that I heard was one from KDWB. I usually don’t really like to listen to the radio due to the fact that I don’t like to drive and also the fact that every time I do drive, I have my 4 years old in the care and I don’t like for him to listen to some of the stuff that is being said on the air.

For this assignment, I did have my radio on one day and I chose to have KDWB on because I remember I used to listen to this before I had my son. It was on a Monday morning, around 8:30 A.M., Dave Ryan was talking about what he did over the weekend, and Fallen was also talking about her mini weekend getaway with her husband to New York City.

All of the sudden, Fallen started to talked about how good she felt that she didn’t have to worry about her legs, underarm, and bikini area being hairy anymore, and all that was made possible by Ideal Image. She went on to talk about how professional they are and that they did such a good job that she never has to worry about using a razor anymore. Dave Ryan jumped in on the commercial too by saying that Susan (Dave Ryan’s wife) also had the treatment done, and it was nice that he didn’t have to feels her dry and hairy legs anymore.

The commercial got my attention because I have been wanting to try this treatment, but still reluctant to looks more in-depth. As off right now if you call and mention either Dave Ryan or Fallen you will get an extra discounts from them. Hey, I might consider having it done soon.

creative Campaign

When I first looked at this assignment, I was kind of confused; I thought that creative campaigns had to do with political campaigns. As in who would be our next president, or who would be our next senator. I usually don’t really follow this, as I actually like to read about the candidates more than watching the ad campaign that either talked about themselves or against each other.

So l went online and searched for what creative campaigns meant, and it came up with a variety of different types of creative campaigns. However, I came across this “ Smoking Kids” campaign, made by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. This ad started out by showing adults that are fairly younger in age smoking at every corner you turn. Then it turned the camera over to two younger kids around the age of seven and nine. It started out with the question that it seemed normal for adults to light up a cigarette, but how do those people feel if a kid were to walk up to them and ask them to light up a cigarette for them.

Obviously, none of the adults where willing to light up the cigarette for the two kids. Not only did they not light it up, but also turned to the kids and told them about all the negative side effects – how bad smoking is to you, how it will affect your looks, and your life. The kids then turned around and asked the adults if they forgotten the fact that smoking was also bad for them too. After asking the adults the question, the kids handed them a piece of paper that wrote “You worry about me, but what about you?” The adults were taken aback as soon as they saw the note, and almost all of them threw away the cigarettes but not the notes.

I thought that this campaign was very simple yet very creative. It touched many people on every different aspects of life. It doesn’t matter who you are, but once a kid of asks you whether what you are doing is the right thing or not, you become taken aback and rethink.

extra credit for March 9 dinner

Last night I was very fortunate to be able to attend the St. Catherine University Business Administration and Economics 30th Annual Student Awards Dinner, I have to say that coming to this event I was kind of nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. However, once I got there, I was greeted very warmly, so that really made me excited. I started out with the speed-networking event.   I wish that this event was longer then the 45 min that it was given, I have to truly say that I really enjoyed talking, asking, listening to what all the guest have to say.

As I made my way around, I was able to chatted with Nancy Ness, she have a very warm smiled, and I can tell that she really enjoyed being there. She first introduce who she was, and then went into why she though that internship is so important, since this is the opportunity that you have to really shows the world what to have to offered.

Next we went on to meet Emily Wigfield-La page, I though that she was so smart, and yet very friendly. She is also a Katies, which even make me feels specials, Emily key notes what that, what ever you do, having a quick follow up was so important, because that showed that you are polite and that you really true cares for what you do, and the people that you work with.

All in all, I really like this event, I wish I had more time to be able to listening on all of what the others guest have to say. I am pretty sure that they all have valuable and important message for everyone’s of us. Thank You St. Kates for putting together a very special event for us.

Ohh!!! How I love Nordstrom !!!!

imageAs for my favorite website, gosh I have way too many. If I had to really narrow it down, I would have to say that would be my absolute favorite one. With, I can check out every kind of sale or promotion that are going on in the store. I can check out everything that I think I need – purses, shoes, watches, clothes for everyone in the family, all without having to leave the comfort of my couch or bed.   I visit the website at least 2-3 times a day, just to browse.  They are very good at giving details on the majority of their items, plus they carry a variety of different sizes. also has a range of prices. You can buy a pair of shoe for 9.99, look at one of top brand of shoes called Christian Louboutin (red bottom as others might call it) and they can be priced from $625.00 for a flats or the infamous Christian Louboutin “ So Kate” pointy toe pumps for $3995.00.

I believe that with the varieties of prices and products that they have, I am pretty sure anyone would be able to find what they need on there. Oh, did I mention that with every purchase that you make you get free shipping and returns on everything? This is where the convenience come in as I hate going to the store and trying on clothes, but with, I can just order and they send it to me to try on my stuff at home. If I like it I will keep it, and if I don’t like it, I can just pack it back in the box that they sent me and return without having to even leave my house.

Another thing that I love so much about is their return policy. Unlike all the other stores or websites that give customers a certain of time frame to return items otherwise you can return it anymore,, has no time frame so as long as you have the receipt, 3 months or even up to 3 years after you purchased the item, you can still return for the price that you purchased.

With all the benefits and the convenience that has provided me, I don’t see why I have to waste gas and my time to drive to the mall and wait in line for anything anymore. I can just sit at home and browse through their selections, and purchase anything that I want.

Heineken Worldwide Ad

I would have to say that one of my favorite print ads would be Heineken: For A Fresher World campaign. First, I wanted to give you a little background on Heineken: Gerard Adriaan first made this beer in 1873.   It was made of purified water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. But it was not until April 14 1933 that Heineken was introduced to the United States, coming in bottles, cans, and packs of 6, 12, 18, or 24. But enough with the background of Heineken, the reason that I chose this as my favorite print ad is because this is my husband’s favorite beer. He grew up drinking this beer, and not only does my husband love his brand of beer, but literally every Vietnamese household, event, or ceremony you go to, this is the only beer that would be served. If we were to serve you anything else other than Heineken, we would be judged and would either be considered as “cheap” or that we didn’t know what “beer” tastes like.

In 2010, Heineken came out with an ad that represents Heineken being in a green world. What they did was that they used either cans or bottles of Heineken to make it into various designs in different parts of the world. They use all recycled beer cans and bottles to makes all of the design. I thought that these ads were so creative and very eye catching; yet, it also brought out a very strong and powerful message as well, which was to make our world a green world. We might think that this is not important, but if we don’t start saving the earth, our kids will not have the land and atmosphere that we are have now. Therefore, drinking beer but still saving the earth is very powerful, and yet very beautiful to look at.


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My favorite scarf!!!!!

My favorite item to wear is a scarf. This is my favorite item to wear because you can wear it in many ways and accessorize it depending on the weather. I like the scarf because it is not gender biased, this is particularly why I like this fashion accessory so much. Both men and women can work this piece making it look fashionable and wearable. Kids can also wear scarves too making them look very charming and adorable.
From a women’s perspective, I use the scarf more so for fashion than for the actual use, which is obviously for warmth. When I am looking for a casual look, I tend to just put the scarf over my neck giving it more color to my outfit and since I believe that my neck is one of the best part of my body, the scarf helps accentuates it. There are also many types of scarves that I can play off of. There is the infinity scarves which is basically a circle scarf, there is a shaul scarves which is either in a square or rectangle form, there are plaid scarves and solid color scarves which are the classics which are usually worn in colder weather.
Scarves can also be worn in all seasons also. Scarves are primary worn in the winter, spring and also the fall, but from a fashion perspective it can also be worn in the summer also. If it is freezing or colder outside and I have to use it for the warmth, I tend to use scarves that wrap around my neck tightly, which is why I like to use the infinity scarf. The scarf gives it more of a texture and volume to my outfit. I just have to wrap it around my neck twice, adjust it and there you have it.
With this being said, there are many ways to tie a scarf. If you had a basic long rectangle scarf then you can tie the scarf The NYC, The loop-d loop, the pom pom, the twist, the autumn, the knotty the Barcelona and many more.
My favorite scarf tie is The NYC. Most scarf ties are limited to only for women because there is a feminine feel to the look, but that does not mean that men can not rock the look. If they are bold and confident enough to do it then so be it! Luckily, my favorite scarf tie is used on both genders comfortably. All you have to do is fold the scarf in half, wrap the scarf around the neck, take one end of the scarf and put it through the loop. After that twist the loop to pull the other end through the loop. For the final touches, adjust accordingly and there you have it! It is super easy and very fashionable. The key in scarves is how versatile and different you can be from others. It really shows your character and how you are feeling that day.